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Customer database socio-attitudinal segmentation


Date: 12-14 September 2012
Where: Nunatac’s premises
Registration: fill out the downloadable form and send it by fax to +39 02 89 01 20 74

The course uses an analytical process, from start to finish, aimed at producing a Customer Database socio-attitudinal collaboration starting with behavioural data collected in the company DB.
The aim of a company which faces a project of this type is to develop more detailed knowledge of the client to improve commercial activity in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, while attempting to run campaigns that do not communicate with all consumers but rather by using appropriate segmentation and knowing the real and not the ideal targets.
This aim is carried out via the coloration of the internal company list with relation to a socio-attitudinal indicator which is not directly derivable from the behavioural data on the company’s information systems. This coloration is carried out using a statistical model which correlates internal data and external data taken from a sample survey.

Who should attend
Statistical analysts, data mining experts, business users.

You should have basic experience in the use of the SAS language and general experience in multivariate analysis statistical techniques.

Course outline
• Company context
• Problem Aims and planning
• Survey contents
• Analysis population
• Survey sample choice
• Socio-attitudinal segmentation
• Multivariate correlation analyses between survey data and behavioural data
• Definition of a statistical rule for the derivation of socio-attitudinal segments starting with the behavioural variables
• Assessment of classification robustness
• Application hypotheses and tests on other population
• List extraction

Statistical techniques used: main and factorial components analysis, cluster analysis, discriminant analysis, legitimate correlation analysis, brief outline of correspondence analysis.

The duration of the course is 3 days.

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