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If you work in Business Intelligence it is of prime importance to become familiar with techniques that allow you to analyse a huge mass of data and derive appropriate summaries.

We believe that training is a continuous process and Nunatac has made it one of its strong points.

In the field of implementing analytical solutions for CRM or Credit Risk, we usually recommend our clients do training in the activity context and target it to the team which will use and maintain the system so that they can learn the tools required for their work.

We provide professional training for our clients with the aim of conveying methods and tools which we usually use in the creation of projects.

In the area of implementing analytical solutions for CRM or Credit Risk, we usually suggest training related to the client’s activities, aimed at people who use and maintain the system so as to enable them to know and understand the tools needed to carry out their work.

We provide personalised training modules for the client’s company’s specific needs on:

  • general statistics methodology
  • the use of statistics techniques in specific contexts
  • the development of entire analysis processes, from preparing the databases to creating models and their application
  • SAS techniques.

We provide scheduled training courses on specific data mining methods and techniques for the following business areas:

  • churn prevention
  • customer database socio-attitudinal segmentation
  • Credit Scorecard creation.

In both the SAS software training courses and the methodological and statistical courses in which we cover areas using the SAS software, the topics we deal with are in line with SAS institutional training.