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Let’s look at things from a different point of view: differences in demand, and thus in solutions, do not depend solely on the business area but also on the client’s sector.

What follows are the main sectors in which we can guarantee consolidated experience and added value operative solutions

Banks and consumption Credit
It is often thought that knowledge of one's own clients comes from observation of the needs and motivations as being the real determinants of the consumer's behaviour [...]
How many clients currently have full insurance cover? What sex are they, how old are they and where are they? What type of policy have they chosen and through which channels did they purchase it? [...]

From studies done on the consumption and life-style habits of Italians, what emerges is that a car is the second most important priority for families, preceded by a house. So a study of car purchase behaviour and car use provides us with a gold mine of Client information. [...]

When we think of products in the publishing sector we automatically think of a bookshop or a newsagent. In reality many publishers use many distributive channels and there are many Companies that introduce their products directly to Clients/Prospects. [...]
In the space of a few years, the continual evolution of the telecommunication market has changed consumer trends and habits. It is unbelievable to think that only a few years ago mobile telephones were used by a niche market. [...]
Mail-order sales
Long before terms like CRM or one-to-one marketing were coined, Mail-order Sales focused its business on the client, using a well-targeted and personalised communications strategy as its central marketing tool. The information structure is appropriate and consistent: for Companies, in addition to the management archives, the Client archive, which is already structured on the basis of univocity, is paramount. [...]
Other Sectors

In addition to the sectors already discussed, the following are details of experiences we have acquired in sectors in which Business Intelligence, because of historical reasons but also practical ones, has not yet been applied in any significant manner. (Pharmaceutical, Mass Consumption, Public Sector). [...]