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Business areas

Let’s look at things from a different perspective: different demands, and hence different solutions, do not depend solely on the client’s sector. Within the same company, different sections have their own role and need personalized knowledge and operative tools.

What follows are the business areas in which we have gained our experience and developed our successful solutions.

Marketing and Sales
This is the area – more importantly than in any other - in which we have had to create a direct rapport with our client. To cultivate this relationship, what was required was the need to have available a series of analytical tools to provide the most accurate and exhaustive image possible of its own client portfolio [...]
Risk Management

Over the past few years the area of risk management has been, and will continue to be, of primary importance in the field of Business Intelligence, thanks to the speed at which the Basel II agreement regulations have been applied [...]

Fraud Prevention

In the field of fraud prevention, technological developments, faced with a problem as old as the hills, has created the possibility of committing ever-more complex fraud. But also to plan and construct highly evolved monitoring tools for the prevention and reduction of the phenomenon [...]