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Analytical intelligence to produce information wealth

Analytical intelligence to produce information wealth

We construct solutions to allow us to obtain measurable gain from available data

Here is an image to help understand the work of a statistician…
A potter who produces a good, new, useful and often beautiful shape from a lump of clay. Modelling is like finding an interpretation and making a latent structure intelligible.

The potter’s intelligence is in his head and hands, he sees and feels a shape in a raw material…
The intelligence we seek and cultivate is similar. It’s that type of intelligence which allows us to identify “important” information and to draw it out into a useful shape, within an enormous mass of data. Information, in short, is an amphora which is…

Well-made (it has a defined and comprehensible shape), new (it tells us something we didn’t know), useful (it triggers off precise actions which produce wealth and a measurable added value) and often beautiful (if we have done our job well, it is “exactly how we wanted it”).