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Telecommunications: Marketing and Sales

Telecommunications, for some time now, has spread extensively in all societies of the world. Huge quantities of data are generated every second from conversations and programmes. Telephone operators, whose aim is to keep and acquire users, have to collect all this data and analyse it to understand needs, trends and specific behavioural habits of our society.

Statistical analysis in this case provides a variety of tools to apply to the enormous mass of accumulated data, which enable us to isolate series of current and potential users to whom we can offer ever-increasingly evolved services. The common denominator of these tools is the possibility of allowing different types of client classifications on the basis of their use of already known services and some vital statistics features. Statistical models can be used to predict the evolution over time of the use of a particular service and the production of static snapshots of a group of users.

The statistical syntheses obtained are adopted by marketing managers to direct them and focus their promotion actions of their services on restricted groups of users, but which represent the majority of users who are interested in experimenting new offers.


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