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In the space of a few years, the continual evolution of the telecommunication market has changed consumer trends and habits. It is unbelievable to think that only a few years ago mobile telephones were used by a niche market.

Evolution (of the market and technology) has created new needs, which have seen the increasing demand for sophisticated and innovative services.

Also, consumer attitude has changed significantly in the face of an increase in the number of competitors which have entered the market: not only can clients now choose between different rates and services, but also the access mode and the user.

The resulting market therefore is an aggressive one, with a diversified and demanding client base.

The combination of these factors has forced the focus of particular attention onto the client, who has become the real person to win over and stimulate.
The market share is formed not only via the creation of new services: it is vital to offer services to the "right client at the right time", by interpreting the person’s needs and satisfaction level.

In order for marketing resources to face the market properly, we need to transform telephone traffic data into information on the client. Appropriate tools, but above all an appropriate method, enable us to use this data to create a snapshot of the client, identify the interests (Behavioural Segmentation), predict abandonment (Churn Analysis) and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns (Propensity Model).

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