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When we think of products in the publishing sector we automatically think of a bookshop or a newsagent. In reality many publishers use many distributive channels and there are many Companies that introduce their products directly to Clients/Prospects. Whatever the distributive channel is, for all Companies, the "client must be satisfied". But for Companies that manage their own business by contacting their clients directly, this knowledge is indispensable.

Let's look at the case of Companies that distribute their own products (normally by subscription) by directly contacting clients or potential ones, as is the case for Companies that use Direct Marketing activities to support and stimulate agent network sales. For both of these cases, only by knowing the client can the Company maintain and increase its market share and identify new potential markets.

Finally, in the case where a sales network is used, knowledge also means "guaranteeing" the client property, turning him into a faithful client for the Company and not for the single agent.

Two different operating modes, then, but with the same knowledge requirements. The approach is one of using all the available information, organising it and transforming it into a specific and appropriate way for marketing requirements.

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