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Other Sectors

In addition to the sectors already discussed, the following are details of experiences we have acquired in sectors in which Business Intelligence, because of historical reasons but also practical ones, has not yet been applied in any significant manner:

  • Mass Consumption
  • Public Sector

Mass Consumption

Companies working in the Mass Consumption sector too can choose a market approach centred on the consumer and, consequently, on the development of methodologies for analysis and measurement of company/consumer interactions from a Customer Relationship Management perspective.

To achieve this objective, we must shift from an appropriate data structure for pure extraction to a Data Warehouse which can:

  • Adequately monitor the ‘known’ consumers’ market
  • Contribute to the identification of market clusters/segments
  • Contribute effectively to the planning of promotion and loyalty actions
  • Properly measure promotional actions
  • Satisfy the need for periodic list extraction to send promotional material, house organs, magazines, etc..

Public Sector

A public body often has to share useful information with sector workers or citizens or, simply, has to circulate it internally.

To this end, it may be particularly useful to make use of a Multidimensional Database (MDDB) which can be explored via the web and which allows you to communicate with the users via a simple and intuitive interface.

Consultation and information data analysis available to the organisation thus becomes more complete and faster, with great savings for staff devoted to this aim.

Sophisticated analysis structures for the user can be made available, which allow the examination of the data bank content via different scenarios and perspectives, carry out drill-downs to discover trends, relations and correlations and therefore improve the quality of the decision process, but also to dynamically generate thematic maps for the variables and the territory of interest directly on the Web.


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