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Experience in various sectors enhances our methods

Experience in various sectors enhances our methods

From focused listening of our clients' issues to the identification of generalizable solutions

In the beginning, all jobs responded primarily to needs connected to daily life. If we consider a potter these needs could have been: cooking, preserving, transporting, decorating etc…. The clay was thus essentially the same, but the needs that the manufactured product had to respond to were manifold and are related to different sectors for which it was designed.

So each sector requires the artisan to conceive of different shapes and coatings and particular types of workmanship so that each finished product, while retaining a close kinship to all the other products produced by the same person, can respond best to the specific needs for which it was designed.

Similarly, the different business sectors which over time have required our manpower have often presented different issues with their own peculiarities even though they are in the same field. On the one hand this has enabled us to consolidate a sample of “good habits”, while on the other it has required the invention of new modus operandi. Our hope, in summary, is to have always found the way to construct the most appropriate solution to the particular context: the best possible combination of generalisation and innovation.