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Communicate ro interact, interact to grow

Communicate to interact, interact to grow

Writing down the best plans and adopted solutions is like tracing out guidelines to respond to new issues

As an artisan develops his strictly productive skills, he comes to the realisation that he also needs to collect the wealth of his experiences in a documentation form. He thus opens a communication channel with potential clients and followers of his work, giving life to a dialogue, an exchange of ideas which translates into an advantage for all the players involved.

The artisan thus puts his products into a catalogue. They are listed according to different functions, the various sectors in which they belong and even on the basis of special characteristics which render each piece especially appropriate for a particular aim.

In this section we present a detailed catalogue of our publications. We have published some of our most significant experiences, including our interventions from a wide range of areas in which we operate. In this unit, business cases are presented in strictly chronological order. While in other places, on the basis of the specific navigation section, they can be accessed starting from the sector and/or business application area and in reference to the type of solution implemented.