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Providing tailor-made solutions also means knowing how to pull out information from different processing structures. The elements with the greatest impact, which often translate into new solutions to resolve, relate to the operating system (MAINFRAME, UNIX/LINUX, WINDOWS), database management applications (Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server), the geographical layout of this data, and last but not least, the general architecture of the environment.

Starting from the management systems, monitoring data, information obtainable from web site logs, and so on, we construct optimised databases to draw out precious information for the various company functions. We develop client/server applications, intranet applications and even stand-alone applications. In regards to this last application, we have created an advanced software that allows sales representatives to work with information related to their clients, even when they can’t access central systems directly.

For us, the SAS System is the optimal application: we have been using it for practically 90% of our work for over 20 years. Also, we have accrued considerable experience in the use of the new SAS Business Intelligence Platform.