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At times the complexity of projects which we are involved in requires a range of skills. This is why, over time, we have consolidated collaborations with friend-companies which have been selected because of their professionalism and recognised experience in complementary activities to ours.

SAS NUNATAC is a Quality Partner of the SAS Institute, the leading company in the software market in finding Business Intelligence solutions.

The MACFIN Manager Consultant group operates in the business consulting field for defining business strategies, governance and organisational plans, tools and management and control techniques.


Since 1986 METIS has been planning and conducting surveys and statistically analysing socio-demographic and marketing data.

SISTER Sistemi Territoriali was created in 1991 from an alliance formed by experts from the research area with the aim of providing consultancy and professional services to both companies and public bodies in the field of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Decision Support Systems (DSS).