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Data experts at companys' disposal

Data craftsmen at companys' disposal

Concreteness, an attention to quality and a personal approach are the distinctive features of our long-standing experience in the field

About us

Data analysis artisans for companies: this, perhaps, is the best way to describe us and, at the same time, highlight some of our unique characteristics:

  • recognising the importance and willingness to immerse ourselves in our client’s world, thereby adopting their needs as ours;
  • a concrete approach, strongly centred on the achievability and affordability of the proposed solutions;
  • attention to quality and personalisation are our distinguishing traits.

While we don’t harbour ambitions of becoming a Science Academy, in nearly 20 years of analytical projects in various sectors, we have accrued an in-depth knowledge of how to obtain information wealth and useful solutions for business, starting with the “pile” of available data.

Like for the best chefs who know famous recipes and rules for the combination of ingredients, for us, rigour in our methods and the master of techniques are the foundations on which we achieve our important projects: it is only experience, though, which teaches us how to:

  • know how to interpret data, in the same way that one learns how to recognise what lies behind a certain flavour;
  • recognise the suitability of a simple dish, without the need to look for useless complications which smother the flavours;
  • substitute a missing ingredient with one that is available, without looking for excuses in the missing data;
  • be aware, right from the beginning of a project, of the concrete possibility of satisfying our clients’ taste buds.

What about passion for our work?

It is what allows us to face each new project like the preparation of a lunch for a special occasion: the result we manage to achieve in a short amount of time is not only a question of satisfying everybody; it is also the guarantee of being a benchmark for lovers of “haute cuisine”.

We founded Nunatac in 1994, thereby giving rise to the formation of a business partnership which was actually born within the Centro di Calcolo of the Bocconi University: Scoring Systems and Segmentation carried out in the Mail Order sector were our first projects. We then went on to specialise in all the areas of Data Warehousing and Data Mining for Banks, Insurance Companies, Telco and Large Companies in other sectors.

Nunatac has been an SAS Institute Silver Partner from the very beginning and our collaboration with Universities continues to prove to be a stimulus for innovation.